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Let’s Contribute Our Share for the Success Of The National Congress!!

The ER NCDC Octo 2011.jpg

Let’s Contribute Our Share for the Success

Of The National Congress!!

The Eritrean National Commission in cooperation with acting members of the local people’s committees for National Congress and stakeholders has been working to fulfill its responsibility. Hence, in order to ensure the participation of the people and the forces for democratic change, it has completed its preparations and is now in its final stage. The success of the national congress project, the strengthening of the opposition camp, the realization of popular participation depends greatly on constant financial contributions along with genuine actions.

Wide popular participation and devotedness are a must in this liberation struggle. The efforts made by the Commission to ensure popular participation during the last 14 months should never be taken lightly. The Commission has, by conducting 400 people’s meetings throughout the world, formed 70 local people’s committees for National Congress comprising 1000 acting members in 23 countries. What these acting members of the local people’s committees are doing to mobilize the people and to see the success of the National Congress should be highly praised. 

Donete 2011.jpg

Our people and the forces for democratic change are united in seeing the success of a National Congress which reflects the diversity of the Eritrea and one that fulfils the wishes of the people and, by toppling the PFDJ regime, aims at creating an Eritrea where peace, tranquility and justice prevails. To do this our people have sacrificed their energy, their time and their money. Surely, such a big task could not have reached at this stage without the participation and sacrifice of our people, of the forces for democratic change including members of the Commission and acting members of the local people’s committees. At this juncture, the Commission would like to appreciate highly all these efforts, contributions and sacrifices.

However with the remaining tasks we have at hand, this is not enough. The Commission strongly believes this historical National Congress and its platform will not only facilitate on toppling the PFDJ regime, but could also play a pivotal role  in the creating a democratic Eritrea where peace, justice and security prevails and one that fulfils the wishes of the people. Thus, the Commission calls on all Eritreans throughout the world to be conscious about the seriousness of the situation and work for the success of this November National Congress that is expected to have 553 delegates from all over the world by eschewing individual, group, party and political differences. Our people should show full and devoted participation in this National Congress with a view to save our people and our nation from the present regime. 

ENCDC Bank Account.jpg

In order to become self-sufficient in our task of bringing democratic change, popular financial contribution is a must. Hence, the Commission calls on all Eritreans who wish for change to make financial contributions towards the success of this historic gathering. Our traditional proverb: 50 lemons are a burden for one person but a joy for 50 people should be considered at this point. This is a once-in-a-life-time opportunity for Eritreans to come forward with their knowledge, financial contribution and capacity.

The contributions to the National Congress may be deposited to the above bank accounts, or can be mailed to the above address or you may ask for more information to the commissioners and members of local people’s committees for national congress in your vicinity.  Furthermore you can make your automatic donation directly at the official website of the National Commission: http://encdc.com/donate-now/.  Official valid receipt for your contribution will be provided.

Again, Success to the Conference!

Justice shall prevail!

Eternal Glory to our Martyrs!!

News and Information Committee

Eritrean National Commission for Democratic Change

27 October 2011


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