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08/04/1441 (05 ديسمبر 2019)
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Home news

Home news

On recent news from inside it was said that prisoners had broke out from a prison cell called Gulul situated near Barentu town on 19/11/2011. The regime’s soldiers started to shoot, killed and wounded most of the escapees while 15 lucky ones had slipped away. While the soldiers of the regime roaming in search of the escapees, few stooges and civilians were seen collaborating the soldiers in the process of hunting down of the innocently imprisoned nationals and DMLEK, hereby, is warning such culprits to refrain from their activities.

 In another incident, the current Eritrean regime in continuation of its ethnic cleansing project, it has forbid women and children not to participate in the traditional gold sifting activities through which they can earn their livelihood. The regime has either sold or leased the gold sifting sites like kosolda to individual investors but its stooges. Those investors individuals who are very loyal to the regime, on their side, have schemed a plan of organizing five-person units and issued permission papers to dig and sift gold ditches. The out come of the activities is said to be sold to the government through the investors the government has assigned.  As a result the rich had converted all kunama villages to mining holes and dwellers of Aykota, for example, have expressed their resentment through refilling the holes with the ashes or soil they have turned out in search for gold. The Democratic Movement for the Liberation of the Eritrean Kunama (DMLEK) warns those selfish investors to refrain from such ugly and dishonest activities and urged them to stop harassing the Kunama.

On the other side of the news, the intelligent units of the regime located in Dase village had severely beaten up and took three civilian administrators on 16/12/2011, untraced to date. The names of the detainees are: Andu Sale (kunama), Ahmed and Osman both from Nara ethnic group. In addition the regime had carried out a round up program on 27/12/2011 in Dase and its surroundings, Barentu town on 22 and 27/12/2011 and took bar ladies and mothers with infants to the Qualay military training camp. Similarly the soldiers went to Kosolda gold sifting site for round up but people run away from the area when one of the soldiers had eavesdropped the people who were there to search their daily bread from gold sifting activities.

The forced conscription scheme is still on move by this rogue regime in Eritrea. A stooge named Luter Musa had conducted a meeting with the people of Karkasha on 12/12/2011 and told them bring 30 youths from Karksha, 27 from Taykanaba, 5 from Tutakuri, 5 from Mariti.

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