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Press Release/About the Sanctions Resolution passed by the Security Council’sOn the PFDJ Regime

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Press Release

About the Sanctions Resolution passed by the Security Council’s

 On the PFDJ Regime

  • On its meeting No: 6254, held in December 23, 2009, the UN Security Council passed Resolution1907 (2009) imposing sanctions on the Eritrean Regime. The resolution was passed by 13-1 vote, with Libya opposed, and China abstaining. The resolution was taken on the ground of previous resolutions about Somalia and the Eritrean-Djibouti border conflict and the role of Asmara’s regime on destabilizing the entire region.

  • On this regard, The Eritrean Democratic Alliance, while expressing its strong support for the Security Council’s Resolution1907 (2009), consider it as a right, responsible and justified direction against the uncivilized, destructive and arrogant regime of Eritrea. The late but effective resolution has come in congruence with the demand of the Eritrean people, who are suffering all type of atrocities and terror by the regime. It would give a glimpse of hope at the end of the tunnel to our people and will see a better prospect with out the rogue regime of PFDJ.

  • The sanction has come very late after the regime has had eroded all the peace and stability of the region and produced multi facet conflicts that will cost the international community and the neighboring countries a lot to solve. However, it is better late than never and we welcome it from heart.

  • The regime’s destabilizing activity had never been limited to Somalia and Djibouti alone but has been creating havoc in the internal affairs of several neighboring countries, training and arming insurgent groups and sending them to those countries. It has also been instigating a variety of wars in the region since its inception; Somalia and Yemen are cases in point.

  • The crimes committed against the neighboring countries and the whole region is better not to mention compared to the colossal carnage and the reign of terror engulfing the Eritrean people. The people are held hostage by the most reckless and irresponsible regime of the time. The one man regime harasses, intimidates, and destroys the lives of its nationals on daily base. Void of any moral, human or legal room, the regime applies indiscriminative punishment, detention incommunicado, extended forced labor under the guise of a national service, rape of helpless young and innocent girls and daughters of veteran fighters and esteemed nationals, extrajudicial killings, disrespect for bare minimum human rights and human dignity, absence of judicial system of any form or content, absence of the rule of law, are the main features of the current Eritrean regime and is well documented by many concerned international organizations.

  • Owing to brutality of the Regime thousands Eritrean citizens, especially the youth, have been forced to flee, regardless of the uncountable risks on their attempt to leave the country. However, once they cross the border they encounter the question of how to secure refugee status and get recognition for their cause. Some times, their fate is designed with a forcible repatriation where they are pressed to face death and detention penalties in the camps the regime has mended for such inhumane activities.

  • The Eritrean Democratic Alliance believes that there won’t be a sustainable peace or stability in the Horn of Africa without a stable and democratic Eritrea that respects the rights and dignity of its citizens, at the first place. Since the nature of Isayas’s regime is beyond the reforms any healthy human expects, it will remain as a source of regional and international disorder. Bringing about stable and democratic Eritrea requires an absolute regime change. Hereby, we reiterate our call to the international community at large, to positively contribute, through its established institutions, parameters and mechanisms, to the struggle of the Eritrean people to foster a democratic change, that will secure internal stability and peace and security to the region. 

  • The Eritrean Democratic Alliance calls upon the UN to enforce and make serious follow ups on the sanction endorsed so us to produce an effective out come on the elements selectively targeted. It also appeals to the different UN organizations to help the Eritrean victims that are suffering systematic repression and danger of starvation imposed by the regime. The EDA also appeals for a better solution and handling of the Eritrean refugees by granting them protection and refugee status.

  • The Eritrean Democratic Alliance avails itself on line to cooperate with the people, neighboring nations, the region and the international community for the collective struggle of assuring peace, security, stability and sustainable development in the Horn.


The Eritrean Democratic Alliance

Executive Committee

December 27, 2009


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