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Mr. BeshirIshaq Chairman of Preparatory Committee for National Conference
Mr. BeshirIshaq
Chairman of Preparatory Committee for National Conference

Dear Chairman,

On 21 July, 2010 Gedab news (awate.com) reported that the preparation
for the national conference for democratic change (NCDC) has been
finalized and about three hundred fifty Eritrean representatives of
diverse back ground ever to gather is expected to attend the
conference. Among those invited are numerous Eritrean media
outlets-websites- with the exception of Jeberti.com which is excluded
from the invitation for reasons not yet explained.

While we express our utmost happiness, gratitude and congratulations
to the preparatory committee for successfully making this highly
anticipated conference a reality and applaud the participation of
diverse groups and individuals of our people, we cannot help but again
express our concern and disappointment that the committee has denied
jeberti.com?s Team right to participate in the conference.

This conference is supposed to be inclusive to all Eritrean citizens
of all walks and back grounds.  The website members have been
preparing with very high anticipation to participate in this
conference making necessary travel arrangements ever since the
inception of this conference. Jeberti.com always stands for the unity
of our people and strives on reaching to every corner of our people
through its all inclusive website for it stands for justice, peace,
democracy, unity and equality to every Eritrean citizen.

Though we have repeatedly sought either the confirmation for
invitation or legitimate reason for our exclusion from attending the
conference, nobody from the committee has come forward to offer us any
plausible explanation yet. We found this behavior as a blatant
disregard for the very basic right to participate in political
activities and freedom of expression with possible discriminatory act
against certain sector of Eritrean population. This does not bode well
for the often elusive unity and equality of our people.
Therefore, we are formally requesting that you either correct the
unnecessary mistake by sending the invitation or give us a legitimate
reason for our exclusion from attending the meeting.
We would like to thank you in advance for your prompt attention to
this matter. We urge you to reply favorably to our request as soon as
possible so we can make the appropriate arrangements.


Jemal Ahmed

Jeberti.com Team
Public sentiment is everything.With public sentiment nothing
can fail; without it nothing can succeed. He who molds public
sentiment goes deeper than he who enacts statutes or
decisions possible or impossible to execute.
Abraham Lincoln
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