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Press Conference Open Public Letter

Eri National Commission xxx.jpg

Press Conference

November 26, 2007 

Open Public Letter



Toronto, Canada

Honorable Representative of

Eritrean National Commission for Democratic Change

Please accept our warm revolutionary greetings. 

Honorable Rep., we received your email expressing the submission of the logo design for the Eritrean National Commission for Democratic Change by the EDITORIAL BOARD OF GENBAR.

On behalf of the EDITORIAL BOARD OF GENBAR, I say thank you very much for your email and for your cool and the hope trigger response.

 Honorable Rep., by now you have fulfilled your obligation that acknowledged, the delivery of the creative and highly relevant logo to ENCDC, which is voluntarily presented by the EDITORIAL BOARD OF GENBAR.  However, your acknowledgement is performed in a closed circuit between you and me only.   The EDITORIAL BOARD is in favour of an open show in front of the public.  This decision came upon a vote by the members of the BOARD.

The BOARD also recognized one vital aspect of the situation. Given the already wide scale effect and immense magnitude of the controversy around the logo competition rules and the winner selection criteria, the situation is absolutely out of control of your hands.  Neither it is under the control of our hands. The BOARD can’t help it, but bring the whole topic under the glare of the public. Please apologize us for any inconvenience, the BOARD has imposed contrary to your wishes. 

Final Summary. It is beneficial, for you and for the BOARD and also for the grand cause of all the anti Isayas Afeworki regime forces, to move forward in order to achieve an objective solution.

All involved parties should keep working hard to replenish the positive attitudes your letter has initiated.  Now, I beg you, please let us move to Phase B.  Please reveal the 49 logo submissions in your file.  Thank you very much for your next step

Yours truly,


On Behalf



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