Eritrean Youth for Change (EYC)
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Eritrean Youth for Change (EYC)

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Eritrean Youth for Change (EYC) in the Bay Area works on hosting quarterly seminars with guest speakers, panels or local members.  The purpose of these seminars are to learn and share ideas on several concepts involving democracy, constitutionalism, and strategy planning as it pertinent to Eritreans in Diasporas and in Eritrea.  These enriching learning opportunities have promoted several collaboration works between our previous speakers and EYC members. 

We attempt to invite people that have spent time examining/writing on the topics of interest.  On October 15, 2011 EYC will host a seminar by Mr. Daniel Tesfayohannes Teklegiyorghis from North Carolina at 988 Broadway, Oakland, California starting at 1:00 PM.  Daniel did his undergraduate degree at Addis Ababa University majoring in Pharmacy and than he moved to Asmara where he took a position as a lecturer at Asmara University in Pharmacy department.  He immigrated to Italy to continue his education modifying his focus and obtaining a masterís in International Health Care Management Economics and Policy Ė School of management Bocconi University Milan Italy.  He has obtained leadership training in ďPeoples Diplomacy No Violence and ReconciliationĒ.  He is well published both in Tigrigna and English including the current article called ďዝናን-ባህታን ናጽነትን-ሱቕታንĒ published 9th part at different Eritrean web sites.  Other publications include a book called ďእዋንĒ short poems and an article called ďዓውድኻ ከም ዘርእኻĒ in four different parts. 

The title of his October 15th, 2011 talk is ďChange and ReconciliationĒ; "ለውጥን ዕርቅን".  He will address this topic from many angles focusing on what the role of civic organizations such as EYC are during times of transition and how best to prepare ourselves. 

Before the seminar, board members from EYC will give details on how the successful New York demonstration went.  Donít miss this opportunity.  Lunch will be provided before the seminar so be there at 1:00 PM.  Check the attached flayer for details.   

We are typically asked how best one can support or get involved in these quarterly seminars.  There are several opportunities to get involved.  EYC has been an inspiration to many organizations and individuals and in order to continue with our mission of trying to bring sustained positive change we need everyoneís support and participation.  For example, support can involve sponsoring speakers from afar.  Other ways are to make recommendations on who might be a great speaker for EYC so we can educate ourselves on their work and invite them.  One can also volunteer to be a speaker on the themes of interest to the EYC organization.  Lastly, there are many exciting projects, feel free to contact us ( or 408-603-7040) for further information on how to get involved.