Press Statement / The Eritrean Democratic Alliance
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Press Statement

The Eritrean Democratic Alliance


تفاصيل الخبر

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Press Statement


The Eritrean Democratic Alliance (EDA) has been struggling for the last decade to expose, the brutal Human Rights violations in Eritrea, committed by the PFDJ Regime, as well as its reckless activities in destabilizing the region, to the international community. Since the year 2005, the EDA has been filling reports and knocking at all national and international doors in a quest for a listening ear or extended hand to help the Eritrean people and bring the perpetrators to justice. The struggle of peace-loving Eritreans and their leading organizations in EDA has borne fruit.

Thanks to the efforts of the UN-COIE team and its excellent report, today, Tuesday, 21 June 2016, the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva will start its regular 32nd session to discuss the report.

The EDA, hereby, in this occasion:-

Strongly supports the UN-CIE Report, and bear witness to its validity.

Call upon the Member States of the UN- HRC to support and adopt the report and refer the case to the CCI for enforcement.

Confirms that the adoption of this report will, indeed, contribute to the victory for International justice.

In this particular time, the EDA, would strongly like to hail and extend support to all the peace-loving young Eritreans and refugees, in addition to all the justice-seekers and friends of the Eritrean people, who will demonstrate tomorrow the 23rd of June outside the  UN Human Rights Council in Geneva, as well as in many other countries  all over the world.


The Eritrean Democratic Alliance

June 22 , 2016